Hula Hoops Fun Never Grows Up

The Challenge

We wanted to remind the public of the fun side of Ireland's favourite take home snack, throughout summer 2015 by engaging and entertaining every age group at events up and down the country and proving once and for all that Fun Never Grows Up!

The Approach

Our professional Hula Hoops Girls brought the fun to shoppers and festival goers throughout the country. Over three months, our team of 50's styled Hula Hoopers and custom made Hoopla stall, provided fun, colour and noise as well as huge engagement and interaction at events as varied and widespread as Longitude and Indie-Pendence as well as family events such Rose Festival and Bray Summer Fest. We also provided weary revellers with their own mobile seats in the form of our must have Hula Hoops bum boxes! The Fun Never Grows Up campaign also included shoppers in Dublin city centre and shopping centres in Mahon Point Cork and Galway, leaving everyone with a smile on their face!

The Result

The Irish public definitely proved that Fun Never Grows Up by fully embracing the campaign, they hooped, they danced, they played, they competed and won lots of prizes and goodies! They shared their photos on social media and showed us how they got involved. Hula Hoops community excelled on social media and our Hula Hoops " bum boxes" became a much sought after piece of merchandise. We can't wait to do it all again!