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Pokemon Go tips to help you catch em’ all

Find yourself wishing you just received a Pokemon Go notification rather than that text from your other half? Congrats, you’re officially hooked on the biggest gaming sensation of 2016!

See the below link from Tech Radar for tips and tricks to help you become a Pokemon master;

Windows 10 anniversary update 

With Windows 10 being the most successful windows update in recent years the anniversary addition is set to delight everyday users.

From an increase in security, the debut of windows ink and the introduction of an emoji keyboard this update was designed with the user in mind – hurray!

Google Maps roll out updates 

The modern traveller’s lifeline that is Google Maps are currently rolling out new features.

In addition to a new sleeker look, Google Maps looks to be introducing a new feature that many will welcome with open arms, reduced data usage.

While not confirmed, Google Maps may be playing around with a Wi-Fi functionality that allows the app to continue being useful without relying on a cellular connection.

Stranger things 

The latest Netflix offering Stranger Things has taken us all by storm here in Hunter HQ. Featuring one of our all-time favourite actors, Winona Ryder, the show looks set to reach cult classic status in next to no time. With the bank holiday looming you can find us binge watching our new fave show!

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