Introducing the New Collection from Alex and Ani

This exciting new collection will launch at the end of August, and is made up of the distinctive Alex and Ani discs and charms that we’ve grown to love. Each eco – conscious, positive energy product is designed by incorporating powerful symbolism into each piece, Alex and Ani provides a vehicle for the wearer to express individuality in an organic and spiritual way. Now Introducing the New Collection from Alex and Ani.

King’s Crown

Divine Right | Kingship | Power

A distinction of achievement, the crown is worn to express divine authority and honour. The king is a beacon of order, strength, and wisdom. Bestow the king’s crown for increased power and integrity. £32/€41

French Royalty

Regality | Faith | Renewal

Traditionally used to represent French Royalty, the Fleur de Lis symbolizes perfection, enlightenment, and life. The three petals are also associated with the protection of the Holy Trinity. £32/€41


Grace | Partnership | Love

A majestic creature that embodies grace and beauty, a swan is a powerful symbol of love. Swans epitomize the affectionate connection, as they typically create lasting bonds and mate for life. £24/€30

Because I Love You

Heartfelt | Appreciative | Connection

Inspiring me to live to the fullest, you are an important piece of my soul. You give my heart strength and the courage to love without limits. £24/€30


Loyal | Inspiring | Supportive

A sincere confidante whose heart connects with your own, a friend is consistently loyal and encouraging. The ultimate emblem of friendship, the periwinkle, symbolizes eternity and the power of camaraderie. £24/€30

If It’s Meant to Be

Believe | Trust | Embrace

Trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Know in your heart that everything works itself out, therefore there is no reason to worry. £24/€30

Thank You

Gratitude | Influence | Honour

I appreciate you. You have positively influenced my life. The words of the heart express gratitude in many ways. £27/€30


Alex and Ani is available in jewellers nationwide with prices starting from £22/€26. Full list of retailers on